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SVC2UK brings together the greatest minds to connect the global tech community, foster an inclusive and diverse network of entrepreneurs, and inspire the next generation of innovators

Fuelling global growth through the entrepreneurial ecosystem

At SVC2UK, our purpose is to fuel the global growth of tech entrepreneurial ecosystems.

We strive to do this by connecting the global entrepreneurial community to allow our scale ups to grow exponentially, foster an inclusive and diverse network of entrepreneurs and inspire the next generation of innovators.

Connect the Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Accelerate the Growth of Scaling Businesses

Foster an Inclusive and Diverse Network of Entrepreneurs

Inspire the Next Generation of Innovators

helping businesses Grow in our scale up club

Each year, an exclusive group of the world’s fastest growing companies apply and are selected into our Scale Up Club. In addition to gaining access to our CEO Summit in London on 20th November, companies have the unique opportunity to gain invaluable insight and mentoring from some of the world’s most high profile CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

scale up club alumni members

2020 cohort members

Employees of 2020 cohort


Average Growth in 2019

million in 2019 revenue (£) for 2020 cohort

Informative, inspiration and engaging! The brightest lights of the UK startup and scaleup space gathered in the same room to share ideas and debate topics alongside some of Silicon Valley and beyond’s leading minds.

Caroline Casey

VP Innovation, Partnerships & Labs, Mastercard

Connections made to last

The connections our attendees make at our SVC2UK events are rich, real and are structured around a desire to grow and scale businesses that have a positive impact on our society.

We curate our two key events, the Good Growth Summit and the CEO Summit, to foster connections that are made to last. We design these events to be consciously intimate, enabling bonds to be built and conversations to spark that don’t happen elsewhere. 

Good Growth Summit

CEO Summit

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