Speaker Profile

Jane Swift

President & Director, LaunchLearn

Former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift is President & Executive Director of LearnLaunch; an education innovation hub which connects and supports solution creators and adopters to increase student achievement to close equity gaps. In addition, Jane serves as a Senior Advisor to Whiteboard Advisors, the leading education research, consulting and communications firm in the United States.​

Jane is an accomplished leader in both the public and private sectors and a recognized national voice on education policy, women’s leadership and work/family integration. Jane currently serves as a member of the Board of Supervisors for API; a privately held international study abroad company, on the advisory board for the School of Leadership Afganistan (SOLA); the first girls boarding school in Afghanistan, and as a member of Oxfam’s Sisters on the Planet Ambassadors. 


Both ecosystems are undergoing significant evolutionary changes right now that shape what kinds of problems entrepreneurs solve and how they solve them. Many of these changes are common to both countries, like  the risks we face of losing some access to top international talent, the imperative to develop responsible technologies, the growing number of people engaged in startups, recent trends in investment and the broad proliferation of accelerators. In all of these areas, I think some of the differences between the US and UK environments are great sources of insight into how we can shape this evolution.  

Alaina Sloo

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