9 – 12 November 2020

Silicon Valley Comes to the UK (SVC2UK) brings together the greatest minds in Silicon Valley and the UK to focus on the next tech frontier, connecting the people and products set to change our world.

About SVC2UK Digital Summit

On the 9th – 12th November 2020, the global tech community will gather for the first time virtually to partake in high profile, highly inspirational events as part of the SVC2UK Digital Summit. 

Attendees will be brought together to discuss trends in the global business landscape, inspire each other through real-world, diverse stories of scaling and discover cutting edge technologies from experts in their field. During our 4-day summit, we not only host open Masterclass and Thought Leadership events designed to engage and inspire the UK public, but we also host invite-only events such as the CEO Summit. All our events are specifically designed to connect serial entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors and leading academics to proven and aspiring CEOs to support their sustainable growth. 

Across all our events, we bring together some of the most commercially savvy tech leaders, founders and investors in the world to speak to our audiences. These individuals are not only adept at building and scaling businesses but also excel at balancing profit and purpose to deliver global impact.

2020 speakers

UK Together: Collaborating to Scale

As the UK tech ecosystem has moved through resilience to recovery, the clear takeaway form the past 9 months have shown the path to recovery is not one that you can go alone.

This session will gather experts, key players, and founders from tech ecosystems across the nation to share tips on how businesses across the UK can access finances, resources, how to grow their network and how to leverage ecosystems to scale their businesses.

Good Growth Summit

Reflecting on the last year, it is clear there is a tide of change rushing towards us and the good growth narrative is key to staying afloat. There is no better time to address the global need for good growth, inclusivity and diversity on many fronts – gender, race, religious, sexual orientation, and more.

The Good Growth Summit now has an opportunity to help spread the ‘good growth’ narrative beyond UK and Silicon Valley as we engage with female, diverse and under-represented leaders from across the globe.

CEO Summit (Closed Event)

With global changes over the past 9 months, businesses have had to adapt and onboard new forms of innovation. Thus, the challenges faced by this year’s Scale Up Club will be different from years past as some of the businesses have had to put scaling plans on hold, make tough decisions about their direction of growth and even pivot their businesses entirely.

For the first time instead of focusing on what are the barriers to scale, we ask our Scale Up Club to think about how they can turn challenges into opportunities.


As the world has collectively had to face COVD-19, we have seen how innovation across global tech ecosystem has come to the fore. We have all commonly seen the importance of tech and the power of paying it forward.

As we look forward at a new future, we must take the learnings of this past year with us – specifically how collaboration and knowledge sharing will only strengthen the tech sectors in our respective markets, not hinder them.

Reinventing the now: Co-creating a new future of tech

As our world faces insurmountable changes, there are numerous opportunities for businesses to be providing their customers with ways to express themselves, communicate and connect.

In our final session of the SVC2UK summit, we talk with global leaders of tech firms that are challenging the status quo and disrupting the world around them. Whether it is changing the way we think about the world around us to giving the power to the hands of the consumer, these disruptors are changing the future.

Summit highlights 

In addition to bringing you our usual curated roundtables and high impact networking, we are excited to announce some of our keynote speakers for the Digital Summit:

UK Together

Julia Hartz

Co-Founder / CEO at Eventbrite

Bridging the Pond: Building Partnerships to Achieve Global Growth

CEO Summit

Michael Acton Smith

Co-Founder at Calm

Silver Linings: Finding and Capturing the Hidden Opportunities

Reinventing the Now: Co-creating a New Future of Tech

Reid Hoffman

Co-Founder at LinkedIn, Partner at Greylock Partners

Hindsight is 2020: The Power of Creating a Future for All

Reinventing the Now: Co-creating a New Future of Tech

Michele Romanow

President / Co-Founder at Clearbanc

The Trailblazers: Meet the Leaders Building the Future of Tech

SVC2UK was born out of Ellen, Reid and I thinking: what can we do to improve the ecosystem for entrepreneurship in the UK?

Sherry Coutu, CBE

Co-Founder, SVC2UK

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